This article was originally written by Andrew McNaught

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Gyms are increasingly popular and as a result public facilities are usually stretched to the limit and as a result offer poor service leaving most users frustrated. Then there are those people who are just not comfortable working out in a public setting. The result is that they usually get very uncomfortable in the gym and are not able to work out enough. Still there are those who prefer to go into the high initial cost of purchasing exercise equipment knowing fully well that in the long term it will end up being a lot cheaper than the increasingly high gym memberships being charged.
These are just three of the most compelling reasons why somebody would want to set up their own home gym. The truth is that home gym can be a good investment for anyone wanting to set up one in their basement or workout room.
A good place to start when looking for equipment for your home gym is with used exercise equipment. These can be picked up at a very good price, more so because their demand is still limited. Your local newspaper classified ads and Ebay are some good places where you can start your search.
It is important to pick up as much knowledge as you can on the different types of home gym equipment. This is the only way you will be able to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of buying the different types of exercise machines and equipment. This will help ensure that whatever equipment you end up spending money on will not be underutilized or even prove to be useless or a duplication because of some other equipment that you had earlier purchased.
Apart from home gym equipment, you should also seriously consider buying commercial fitness equipment, which will be much closer to the stuff that you are already used to at your local gym or fitness center.
These are the key aspects to take into consideration when looking into the possibilities of setting up your very own home gym.