This article was originally written by Glenda Erceg

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Total health is more than being the perfect weight. There are people who weigh just what they should and work out three or four times a week. This is all well and good but it does not mean that they are completely healthy.
What is needed for total health? Of course it is not possible to attain good health if you are fifty pounds overweight and your only exercise is reaching for snacks every time you pass by the cupboard.
So let’s start with your diet. I have known more people who have lost weight and kept if off by cutting back at each meal and limiting between-meal snacks to healthier choices. In fact the most successful dieters I have met eat five or six small meals a day. They are eating fruits, vegetables, meat and whole grains and throw in the occasional cookie or small piece of pie. Not only have they lost weight but they have been able to keep that weight off.
Exercise, yes, it is important to total health. Even if you don’t have time for a gym and a trainer you can find the time for a walk each day and a little stretching time.
Your mental health is also a crucial part of a total health program. Start each day by remembering it is a new day and be willing to meet each task with a positive attitude. Take a little time each day to be quiet and journal your feelings and experiences.
Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Connect with God, pray, meditate or whatever you do that gives you peace. Remember to be thankful for several things everyday. Use your gifts and talents to help someone else.
Total health involves many different areas and when you pay attention to each area you may be surprised at the benefits.
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