Network marketing for positive thinkers with realistic goals

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Dreamers are always good for getting that emotional motivation that inspires us to sell. And motivation is what network business affiliates need to be successful, always ready for challenges.

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The world of Network Marketing has been around for more than 50 years and started with entrepreneurial innovation that most referred to at the time as dreaming. But, as Walt Disney Studios can attest, dreaming, a little talent and a lot of courage can make those dreamers into revolutionaries and geniuses in a world bleak with skeptic “reality” concepts.

Network Business Affiliates are professionals who truly believe in their dreams as much as they believe in their products, and thus sell honestly what they really believe in. Positive thinkers are the secret elite that make sales marketing the big success that it is.

Positive thinkers have emotional motivation that springs from personal goals that are powerful and unwavering. In short, positive thinkers are inspired to sell because they not only like what they sell; they need to sell, in order to be complete.

This emphasizes the most important aspect of network business marketing; it is grounded in realistic goals. Everyone can see problems and criticize their own personal problems, but how many people can change the word “problem” into the word “challenge?”

Having realistic goals means looking at the world in such a way that nothing can stop you. In the world of sales, unless you have that outlook on life, defeat becomes imminent. The point is to never give up and always keep focus.
To those who sell, success is the only important goal, but success, if it is structured properly, uses the way we think about getting there as the key to unlocking our deepest dreams into a real world of personal fulfillment.

Network Marketing
Dreamers are just like everyone else. Walt Disney classified his creative teams into three different kinds of people: dreamers, realists and critics.

Whichever one of these three types of people was missing in a creative team, Disney would take up himself, like a role play. This administrative technique made Disney what it is today, and just goes to show how important dreamers really are.
Without the dreamer, nothing could essentially be created with any level of spectacular quality. And that is the essential key issue to Network Marketing Online. What do you possess, be it product or speech, that is spectacular?

People have heard and essentially seen the same old speech 1,001 times and it is not getting any better, so what is it that you can say, that people will stop and go: “What?”… “Oh wow!”. Only dreamers can do that.

Only they possess the critical skill to create something so dynamic and interactively universal, that it grabs the attention of a potential client like some polemic issue from the news.

Online network business affiliates don’t need to be sensationalist-like news reporters. They just have to be inside their potential client’s reality long enough to get their attention in a way that no one else ever has.

As the market of online gaming grows, astronomically in fact, that seems to be getting more and more challenging. This is why there is a niche in marketing for the dreamer.

Do dreamers really create new and miraculous concepts, strategies, ideas and things that have never existed? Not really, what they do is “re-manage” already existing ones with a “twist” of human subjectivity.

Network business affiliates that go above and beyond what already exists do so with that very twist of human subjectivity that is as easy as closing one’s eyes, breathing deeply enough to focus on just “one thing” and then letting go.

That is how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and that is the strategy that makes online network business really work. “It just came to me,” Edison said, and that is what successful marketers do in order to overachieve online, they just let it come to them, and it does.

Positive Thinkers
Emotional motivation is the key to making sure that a home business is successful.
Without emotional motivation, that is, personal reasons why a person should be selling, keep on selling with more and more reasons that build self-esteem and create self-confidence, things can start to get bleak.

Emotional motivation is everything. So what builds that kind of motivation?

Positive thinking.

Those who think positively are always set for the best. They have their minds set on success without even having to work on it.

All a positive thinker needs to do is make a goal and go for it. But how do they do it? Things just can’t be peaches and strawberries 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Or can they?

Most people who have a distinct positive outlook on life are those who tend to be somewhat spiritual in the way they look at the big questions in life, or maybe not, maybe they are just upbeat with life in that they have some personal reasons that make them happy-campers all the time, 24/7.

But the truth is, taking life’s so called bummers and turning them into promising and exciting challenges is not as easy for some people who just tend to wallow around in the muck.

Positive thinking means orientating your language patterns and, consequently, your thought patterns into the same thing as before, but with a point of view that is certainly exciting and empowering.
As an example of positive thinking, take a look at the word “problem” then the word “challenge” which one is more empowering?

The inspiration to sell comes from dynamic and motivating language that can never be kept down.

Empowering ways of talking and thinking are the first and most critical steps to home business networking, because all the motivation comes from inside your own person.

Personal empowerment is the fountain of inspiration from which the muses leap to our beckon call and from which the very inspiration to sell is born.
Success is the goal, thinking is the key. Within that realm lies the reality of online business networking that works.

Network Marketing For Believers And Non Believers Alike

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There are thousands of experts out there who will tell you how to succeed with network marketing. Some of them really do know what they’re talking about, even if their message is often delivered in that rather ‘consultant speak’ manner that makes so many of us cringe and shy away.

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There are thousands of experts out there who will tell you how to succeed with network marketing. Some of them really do know what they’re talking about, even if their message is often delivered in that rather ‘consultant speak’ manner that makes so many of us cringe and shy away.

After many years of watching the rise and fall of ‘the next big thing’ here are a few observations for any would be online marketer to think about – more a case of how not to go about things, which, hopefully, might save some of us a lot of pain.

1) You get very little in this life for free – if only everyone would accept this simple truth, the network marketing arena would be a happier place. By free, I’m not just talking in monetary terms either. There is no doubt that the internet is still a place where you can find success with minimal initial outlay, but for the most part, the people who have had the greatest success are those who have put a lot of thought and/or effort into their business, along with some investment. You also have to add the downright dishonest folks, who are prepared to make a buck at anyone’s expense and have little or no conscience about what they do – trust me, there are plenty of them out there circling too!

2) A business means a product or a service – you cannot sell thin air to people, other than the downright stupid ones. When the next flash website catches your eye and promises you all the wealth your little heart desires, remember that they know what buttons to push to ignite your interest and talk has always been cheap. If nobody is expected to sell anything, there won’t be any money will there? So, on to the next step….

3) It’s staggering what some people can be convinced will make them money. We mentioned products and services, and if we accept that they form the basis of any business, there is much more we have to accept. Before rushing into an online venture just because it says on the screen that millions of people want to buy what they are asking you to sell, think about it carefully. Would you want to buy what they are selling at the price they are selling it at? I mean, come on, you must have known people who have got involved in a network marketing company and tried to sell you on it too; vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, beauty products, miracle potions, timeshares, beef jerky, online shopping malls – the list is endless. I’m not saying that these products are not valid (well, maybe the miracles are pushing it a bit) but the likelihood of them making you rich, are, let’s be honest here – slimmer than a very slim thing! So let’s move on to what you’ll be given for free shall we?

4) A web page of your own to promote your business! Sounds great in theory for people who don’t know much about websites or marketing and they just can’t seem to get enough of them. I know we all have to learn and start somewhere but I say this because if it weren’t true, we wouldn’t be seeing these awful pages with a low resolution grainy photo of the ‘marketer’ either sitting in their dingy little living space peering in a hopefully vacant way at their monitors or, even worse, a cell phone snapshot of the site ‘owner’ with their little rat like dog. Remember the old saying, ‘would you buy a used car from THIS man?’ It applies here in spades. Like it or not, in this world, image is everything, so think about yours and that of the business you are trying to promote. Showing me a video of some smug fool in a rented sports car does not make me want to be like him, nor does it inspire any belief in what he might be doing. Remember that in advertising yourself and your business, your audience have a huge variation of aspirations and are looking for someone to provide what they need – bragging shamelessly about your own success makes many people want to hit you upside the head rather than aspire to your not so lofty ideals. If you want people to trust you and your business, get yourself a domain name, learn how to build a website of your own and you are already many steps ahead of thousands of affiliates and would be marketers. Oh, and when you write your ad copy, please, please, please….proof read everything. Badly written and misspelled copy makes me click elsewhere faster than anything and if people try to tell you differently, don’t believe them – your professional image takes a huge battering if your writing is below par.

5) Which leads on to a quick thought about offline promotion. Maybe you’ve seen it too – ‘Want A Part Time Income Of $6000 Per Week?’ plastered across the trunk of a twelve year old automobile. Erm…need I say more. If the driver of a top of the range Bentley did it, maybe you’d believe them, but then you’ll never see such a display. In the same vein, all those flyers taped to light poles or slapped on your windshield while you’re at work. What am I getting at? One word – desperation. It will not inspire people to flock to an ‘opportunity’ because it smacks so loudly of desperation and the fact that by believing your sales pitch they too may well be reduced to wandering parking lots at night, furtively slapping flyers on windshields. Hardly a business success model is it? You are demonstrating only one thing with these tactics – your own lack of funds or willingness to even invest in effective advertising. Keep your offline efforts professional too. If that means restricting yourself to business cards and small ads so be it, your credibility will at least be intact.

6) OK, time for a little positive relief. There are some good opportunities to be found online. I don’t know about them all and space prohibits a long list of the good, the bad and the ugly here. When you do find something that you think can work for you, don’t be afraid to try it. As the saying goes – if you think you can do it, or if you think you can’t, then you’re absolutely right. Take time to learn from people already involved and try to find out just how much help you can expect. A good network marketer understands the need to help others in his organization and thus enhance his own business and income – there should be no ‘secrets’ and people have to be team focused. The vast majority of people give up on network marketing because they never get any support from the ‘team’ who recruited them in the fist place

7) Once you’ve taken the plunge and start to work on your program, don’t be disheartened after the first week with no visible results. No matter what anybody tells you, it will take time. If you’re looking to give up your day job, sit on the beach and watch the cash flow into your account while you sip Pina Coladas then perhaps network marketing is not for you.

8) The hardest aspects of network marketing are advertising, marketing and recruiting. These will take up more time than anything else, especially if you are on a tight budget. There are countless solutions on offer; some that work and some that don’t and you will also spend a lot of time sorting through them. This is where having a helpful up line will pay dividends, so get involved with the team and find out how they do it. Overcoming the skepticism of potential customers/members will also be a regularly occurring theme in your days. It’s a fact you just have to accept and it’s thanks to all the cons that have been perpetrated in the past. Never resort to that old enemy, desperation. Many programs now make things a little easier with matrix builders that help you to grow your business without recruiting hundreds of people yourself, but this still relies on the need for an active and effective team working to gain new customers.

9) Give all your strategies time to pay off, but if they’re not working, try new methods. Doing the same old thing day in and day out will produce the same results. When you get new sign ups, help them as much as you can and don’t jealously guard your knowledge, no matter how hard won it may have been.

10) If you want to change your life, network marketing is a viable model for doing so despite the high failure rate. It will take work and it may be frustrating, but people do succeed and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be among them.

Roofing Tools

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Roofing Tools

Roofing tools are essential elements in roofing matters. They provide the ease and perhaps the only way to proceed to your roofing activity. Familiarizing with each tool name and uses might not be a so challenging task, but looking for the tools and how to get them is. The tools that you want to purchase need not be expensive, but it should be durable.

If you really want your roofing be done perfectly all right, then it’s a must that you go and find that tool. John Stortz and Sons, Inc. has an excellent inventory of roofing tools. It specializes in producing hand tools that assure efficiency. The following: Roofers Sheet Metal Tongs and Seamers, Slate Hammers, Slate Rippers, Slate Cutters, Molding Paint Scrapers, Brick Hammers, Brick Cutters, Scribes, Soldering Irons, Tile Cutters, Roofers Adze, Roofers Axe, Tinners Hammers, Jointers, Pointing Slickers, Brick Chisels, Masonry Chisels, Boatswains Tools, Wood Caulking Irons, Riggers Tools, Scaling Hammers, Caulking Mallets, Bale Hooks, Gaffs, Draw Knives, are some of the tools that they specialized in.

Roofing Tools & Equipment Co., Inc., a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, is a one-stop shop that has a complete line of roofing tools and equipment and a select variety of trusted brand names in the market like Malco and Estwing. The store also offers a wide range of roofing materials and accessories so going to another shop in search of tools and roofing materials is a waste of time.

Another company that offers heavy-duty roofing tools is Bon Tools. They have roofers tear off spade and shingle eater. They also have snap lock punches, crimper and side swiper for siding jobs. Their tools are made from high carbon steel tempered with a precise specification. You can order online via . Shopping online might save more time and energy, but nothing really compares to seeing the tools and trying them yourself. In that case, the probability of bad order is lesser.

A newly invented tool that aids carpenters in installing roof is Thor Roofing Layout Tape. It has changed the way installing roof should be. It has hastened up roofing installation thus, miscalculations is minimized to the very least which means you can save more money. The tool is very easy to handle because it has an easy-to-follow guide especially for beginners. Thor roofing layout tape is guaranteed computer-accurate, glare-free, and weather-resistant.

Roofing tools are not just priced commodities they are investment too. Purchasing your own entails financial consideration. So, before going the rounds of buying a new one check in your tool cabinet may just do little wonder for you. Because chances are you might already have the tolls that you needed.

Roofing Supply

By the way, if you’re looking for roofers in Dublin, check out Ace Roofing – they sponsor this blog!
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Roofing Supply

Every single time you consider purchasing any product in the market, it is always safe to keep in mind to choose certain merchandise that would assure you that you’d get your money’s worth. This attitude is also highly valuable when choosing any roofing supply. Cheap, low quality products would ultimately prove to be an unnecessary expense in the long run. Your main objective should be to end up purchasing a certain roofing supply with the best deal.

One way to save on roofing supply costs is to cut short the supply chain and purchase directly from the manufacturers. Most of the time, big companies are reluctant to sell in minute quantities, and are quite hard to locate. But once you are able to manage this, you will certainly find out that all your efforts will definitely not go to waste.

Another significant detail with regards to purchasing any roofing supply is to never make any compromises. Once you have some essential directions from your manufacturer in using their products only with some particular sizes, make sure to conform to their specifications or else the long-term consequences can be quite drastic.

When choosing slate or tile roofing make sure to purchase them only from one manufacturer. This is particularly when dealing with slates. You are most likely to find a hard time matching the color of the slates and would prove to be a nightmare scenario you certainly can do without.

A good idea for further reducing the cost in purchasing roofing supplies would be to buy in bulk to avail some great discounts. Take time to polish your shopping skills and will prove to be handy especially in you are in a rather tight budget.
In purchasing any roofing supply do not solely focus on the cost but also the timing should be right. Keep in mind that roofs can only be built during moderate weather conditions. This only means that you have to be attentive on the delivery time if you are ordering a particular roofing supply. Do not confidently assume that deliveries will come it time, since minor delays are quite unavoidable.
Overall, when purchasing a particular roofing supply, there are four main considerations: the cost, the quality of the product, consistency and right timing. If you will be able to keep an eye on all these factors, you will considerably cut down the probability of delays and unnecessary expense. Such extra concern would definitely give a stress-free roofing experience.

Network Marketing Can Make You Money

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When it comes to starting a home business, few people think about getting involved in a network marketing home business. But, that needn’t be the case any longer. A network marketing home business is an ideal way to use your business experience and expertise, and start a successful marketing business venture from the comfort of your own home.

Home Business

When it comes to starting a home business, few people think about getting involved in a network marketing home business. But, that needn’t be the case any longer. A network marketing home business is an ideal way to use your business experience and expertise, and start a successful marketing business venture from the comfort of your own home.

Network marketing home businesses are also known as MLM businesses, or multilevel marketing businesses. There are numerous recognizable brand names that fall in the genre of network marketing businesses. The most popular brands are Mary Kay cosmetics, Tupperware and Amway.

Getting involved in a network marketing home business usually involves a small upfront fee for products and supplies, and the success of the business is then up to you, the salesperson. You earn commission on the sales you make, and you have the potential to make as much as you want. Often in a network marketing home business, the key to success is in the business name: networking. Networking is the act of meeting and greeting people and telling them what your business is all about. It is absolutely crucial, in a successful network marketing home business to get off the couch, get off into the neighborhood and network with as many people as you possibly can. Good networking is the most important aspect in starting your business off on the right foot.

Network marketing home businesses require relatively little startup capital, and can be a great way to make money, meet new people and refine your sales and marketing skills.

Network Marketing, The Business Model

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For people who are interested in starting a home-based business, supplementing their income, and providing greater security for retirement and for their children and grandchildren, network marketing is an obvious choice.

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Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. As a business model, it is taught in major universities around the world. The Wall Street Journal stated, “…between 50% and 65% of all goods and services sold in this millennium will be through network marketing.” It is a business model that is perfectly suited to the “information age.”

What is this “Business Model?”
Network marketing is a way of doing business that is different from the “traditional” model used by most consumer packaged goods, food and drug companies. It is one of the most promising income opportunities in American today. It is the idea of many people each doing a little work, as opposed to a few people doing a lot of work. To quote J. Paul Getty, the world’s first billionaire, “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own.”

Rather than using the customary distribution process of moving products from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer, network marketing companies use a network of independent marketers to move products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Further, the cost structure of a network marketing organization is different than a traditional packaged goods marketer.

With a traditional company, millions of dollars are spent on advertising to entice consumers to buy that company’s products instead of the virtually identical product from another company. With a network company, the advertising expense is channeled into sales commissions for distributors who promote the product through “word-of-mouth” advertising, i.e. by telling other people about the product. In the traditional business model, money is spent BEFORE the sale in the form of advertising; in the network marketing model, the money is paid AFTER the sale in the form of commissions. Which model seems to make the most sense from a business standpoint?

With network marketing, you have two sources of income: (1) direct commissions from sales you make yourself, and (2) commissions from sales made by people you introduce to the business, called residual income. You can invest your time and money once and get paid multiple times for the effort. It means getting paid for the work of others. In traditional sales, you may be a great salesperson and have a few dozen good customers and earn your income from all their purchases. However, you probably have to nurture these customers and spend most of your working time making sure they are buying from you and not someone else.

In network marketing, you can build a downline of 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 people, most of whom you will not know nor ever have contact with. This is because the majority of the people in your downline will be people who know somebody, who know somebody, who know somebody, who know you. By having a downline that is working with you, and for you, you can multiply your efforts many times. The earning potential of a downline of 1,000 people, each putting in only one hour a day five days a week, represents 20,000 hours of work in a month. It would take one person 10 years to produce the same amount of work. That’s the power of a network.

Perhaps Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, said it best. “The richest people in the world look for networks. Everyone else looks for work.”

It is estimated that more than 50,000 people start a home-based business every week in the United States. The average person owning a home-based business earns more than $50,000 a year (often working part-time), while the national average annual household income is less than $45,000 (and most of those people are working at least 40 hours per week). Additionally, a home-based business owner can qualify for many legitimate tax breaks, and tax experts suggest that the average person can save between $2,000 and $10,000 on taxes every year just by starting a home-based business.

How is this possible? Well, consider these two tax structures: a wage earner first earns income, then pays tax on that income, and then pays for expenses with after-tax income. A business owner first earns income, then pays for expenses, and then pays tax on net income after expenses. In other words, a business owner can legitimately reduce the amount of tax he or she has to pay because business expenses are paid with pre-tax income, not after-tax, income.

Network marketing is a $36 Billion industry in the United States. More than 20 per cent of the estimated one million millionaires in America today have earned their fortunes over the previous six years through network marketing. Worldwide, there are over 3.5 million millionaires, and more than 700,000 have made their millions via network marketing. Conservative estimates are that network marketing in America is creating 40 new millionaires every month from average people. This means that a person’s greatest chance of financial success is through “networking.” Again, Robert Kiyosaki observed, “If I had it to do all over again, I would choose network marketing.”

For people who are interested in starting a home-based business, supplementing their income, and providing greater security for retirement and for their children and grandchildren, network marketing is an obvious choice.

Bruce Bailey, Ph.D.

Roofing Supplies

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Roofing Supplies

Building your own dream house is one great accomplishment. Having it roofed elegantly and perfectly suited to your liking is another. People who want their roofs to look classical with a touch of the Victorian Era would have wanted it made from copper roofing material. Some would like to have a clay roofing material because they want to have a countryside feeling. Cedar shingle or slate is better suited for those who want their roofs be reminiscent of a vineyard or orchard ambience. The list of choices is endless, not to mention the other aspects of roofing system, which means there could be more.

There are plenty of supplies that anyone can choose from in the market. These supplies are sold in different home improvement shops, which offer varied packages to attract multi level market segments. Roofing contractors may also be a rich source of referrals to get the best buy for your money.

Manufacturers of roofing materials are continuously improving their products so that they can give the best solution to every roofing problem. They are competing neck to neck just to get the lion’s share of the market in the roofing industry. . Not all these supplies can be bought from one supplier because more often than not suppliers are specializing their products and services to cater to their target market.

Roofing supplies could mean different things to different people. But one thing should be made clear though that everything that is related to roofing falls under this category. There are countless types of roofing supplies. For example, roofing materials like metal, rubber, cedar that comes in different colors and shapes are supplies intended for roofing. Simple tools and high-tech gadgets for installing roof system may well be included in this class.

Sealants, coatings, kinds of underlayments, and other insulating stuffs are also considered as roofing supplies. Cleaning products, and other maintenance equipment can also be found in the roofing supplies section of your home improvement stores.

Whatever it is you need for your roof either a new roof, a replacement of an old one, or anything that will be used to patch leaks or damaged portion of your roof you need to acquaint yourself with the different roofing supplies. A good visit to your nearest shop will help facilitate in giving you the idea where to get that roofing material that you have always wanted for your roof. A sound decision and the right choice can be made if you are well informed with the different supplies that are displayed in the roofing stores near you.

Network Marketing – Selling Information

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The invention of the World Wide Web, and its introduction into our lives, has created a vast global market place. Of course, it’s possible to sell everything from cars to DVD’s. The other item you can sell is information, and that’s probably the most valued commodity of all.

make money online,ebook,income,paid,selling information,network,marketing,affiliate programs

The invention of the World Wide Web, and its introduction into our lives, has created a vast global market place. Of course, it’s possible to sell everything from cars to DVD’s. The other item you can sell is information, and that’s probably the most valued commodity of all.

The creation and marketing of information has never been easier, cheaper or faster. The information can be issued throughout the world at the touch of a button, making for high profit margins. The era we live in today is known as the Information Age, and it taps into the emerging economies such as China and India as well as the established ones.

So what information can be sold? First, locate a need in the market and think of ways to distribute the information. Information can be bought as e-books, a web site, or downloadable software. Information on special interests, in the form of articles, reported surveys or user group newsletters all have a demand. Everything from ‘How To Manuals’ on home made wine to analyzing stock market movements.

Selling information is a very straightforward concept, without the need to spend ages getting a product through Research and Development, and then into an expensive production stage. You don’t have to carry stock, so no boxes of engine parts or whatever will be cluttering up your attic. You just need a good idea, a computer, and basic computer knowledge. This is a business you can set up for next to nothing.

A good web site where your customers can log in and receive a prompt efficient service is vital. You need a secure site, which will process orders, payment and delivery. Looking after the customer online is just as important as working through any other medium, and they will expect delivery in a timely manner. Shipping the orders can really eat into the time, and therefore profits of a conventional business, so another advantage of selling information online is the simple ability to send everything via email.

The best thing is you can do all of this, sitting in your pajamas and drinking your coffee!

Roofing Shoes

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Roofing Shoes

Slips are common incidents that we often find comical and funny. But for roofing workers, a minor miscalculation or a slip could mean a serious injury or even death. In any construction site, occupational safety is definitely not a laughing matter to be taken lightly. It is highly unacceptable to be working for a management that blatantly disregards the safety and well being of its workers. This is why serious precautionary measures should be strictly observed especially in construction sites. Real lives are at risk every single day. But workers can prevent accidents and mishaps by wearing suitable roofing shoes.

Some jobs just make exceptional demands on shoes and boots. Although roofing jobs are usually done during mild weather conditions, it often involves hot, heavy and dirty tasks that make the working environment more hazardous than most. Hence, working on roofs requires extra caution. Ordinary boots or sneakers wouldn’t be sensible to thread on pitched roofs. Roof surfaces are usually slick and slippery so slip resistant rubber-soled roofing shoes with good ankle support would be highly advisable. Accidents do not only happen to those workers who are building or installing roofs but also during maintenance, repair and cleaning. A good traction roofing shoes would be appropriate in doing various roofing jobs.

Other precautionary measures should also be observed to prevent untoward accidents. When working on roofs, be sure to keep your center of gravity low and over your feet. This would greatly help stabilize your footing on the uneven roof surface. It is also very important be always aware of things around you. Keen reflexes are important especially in walking on steep rooftops. Your roofing shoes should have excellent grip on pitched roofs. Avoid leaving repair materials such as nails carelessly scattered on the roof surface. You might accidentally trip on negligently strewn objects.

Roofers usually prematurely wear out the toes of their roofing shoes or boots. This is why steel-toed shoes are highly recommended. It is also advisable to choose roofing shoes with Velcro replaceable pads that are designed to easily and securely grip a variety of roof surfaces. Flexible roofing shoes are also ideal for maneuvering around roof surfaces.

Considering the risks involved in the maintenance and repair of your roof, it would be best to call on the experts. The possibility of breaking a limb is just not simply worth the few extra bucks that you can probably save by taking care of it yourself. But if you ever decide to tackle some minor roof repairs, be sure to be properly equipped for the challenging task at hand.

Need To Get Noticed? Do Something Crraazy!

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Does your business need a boost? Do you feel like you’re just not getting the attention you deserve? Or, do you just want people to recognize your name?

No matter your reasons for wanting more exposure, doing something wacky in front of other people will always get the job done. People may think you’re funny, creative, desperate, or one brick short of a full load. But hey, no matter what people think of you, you’re sure to get some attention, and that’s where success begin…


Does your business need a boost? Do you feel like you’re just not getting the attention you deserve? Or, do you just want people to recognize your name?

No matter your reasons for wanting more exposure, doing something wacky in front of other people will always get the job done. People may think you’re funny, creative, desperate, or one brick short of a full load. But hey, no matter what people think of you, you’re sure to get some attention, and that’s where success begins.

Pulling a crazy stunt doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. How about renting a lobster or gorilla costume from your local costume shop, then standing on a busy street corner with a sign around your neck? Wave to passing cars, hand out flyers, or distribute free samples. At the very least, you’ll make an impression on the minds of several hundred people, arousing their curiosity about who you are and what makes you crazy enough to pull a stunt like that. Who knows… if you’re crazy enough, you just might end up on the local news.

If the local crowd doesn’t interest you, how about doing something outrageous online? Put together a web site of crazy video clips (like the ones people email to you all the time), jokes, and cartoons. Register the site with search engines and let fun-seekers check it out. In several prominent places on the site, place a link to your business. Your joke site may not have anything at all to do with your business, but if you’re looking for plain old-fashioned attention, that really doesn’t matter.

Contests can also work wonders for exposure. One local car dealership in my city staged a bad credit contest. They held a free barbecue and invited anyone with poor credit to come by and fill out an application. The contestant with the absolute worst credit of all was given a brand new car. People may have questioned their tactics, but hundreds of people showed up for the contest and free food. So, why not stage a live or online contest of your own? Reward the winner with a prize and plaster your label all over the t-shirts, entry forms, etc.

Above all, remember that if you can make people grin, wonder, shake their heads, or chuckle, they’ll remember you the next time they need a service like yours.