This article feature the causes of sexual impotence. Accordingly, there are two causes of sexual impotence, psychological or non-organic and physical or organic.

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This article deals with
sexual impotence, performance anxiety

Admit it. You’re not “performing” any better. The nights seemed to be colder than ever and you feel that you’re starting to feel insufficient…incompetent as a man. But instead of opening up, you tend to shut your mouth because you wouldn’t like any further embarrassment. If you’re beginning to think you are no longer able to “perform” and your recent attempts only ended in failure- — then, perhaps you may be suffering together with 20 million other men who just “can’t do it” anymore.
Sexual impotence is a physical and physiological dilemma that is attributed to men who have difficulty in having or sustaining an erection during copulation. According to a study, in America alone, 10 million men have been diagnosed to have erectile dysfunction. Extensive medical studies also prove that erectile dysfunction is experienced diversely by men regardless of age. The research indicated that 7% to 8% of men with ages ranging from 20 to 39 suffer from sexual impotence while more than a half of men, 60%, suffer from this sexual predicament when they reach the age of 70. Studies also prove that there is a dramatic increase in cases of erectile dysfunction in men aged 60 and above.
According to medical researches, causes of sexual impotence are generally classified into two: psychological and physical. Psychological or non-organic causes of sexual impotence may start abruptly and may creep gradually into one’s system. Major psychological traumas and other mental disorders also affect sexual performance and potency.
Men also experience performance anxiety, another form of anxiety disorder that also adversely affects sexual intimacy. Men have been traditionally looked upon as the aggressive sexual partner and, thus, any lack of sexual aggression or capability is frowned upon. Men are expected to derive as well as provide sexual pleasure every single time. The inability of men to be “good in bed” causes them to have performance anxiety — which further deters them from properly functioning during intimate encounters.
While psychological factors constitutes only 10% of erectile dysfunction causes, majority of them have been attributed to organic or physical causes. Erection is a process which involves blood flow via the venous vessels. Therefore, if the arteries or the blood path to the penis is clogged, narrowed, or blocked due to some health complications, a man would be having problems with erection. High blood pressure, high cholesterol rate, diabetes mellitus, heart attack and other complications contribute to the gradual destruction of the contractile walls of the veins which makes erection difficult to have. This condition is called peripheral vascular disease.
Medicines and its side effects also affect the proper erection in a male’s reproductive organ. Medications used to treat high blood pressures, depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal ailments and allergies are some of the listed medicines that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. In addition, the abuse of psychoactive substances like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana can really contribute to erectile dysfunction. This is very ironic because these substances, when used in tolerable amounts, are thought to produce aphrodisiac effects or sex-enhancing sensations.
Other physical like hormonal and nervous complications, structural damage to the penis and multi systemic disease are also known organic causes of sexual impotence. While sexual impotence may pose to be a hindrance to a fulfilling life for men, numerous treatments are available in the market. These vary from surgical treatments like vascular surgery and penile implants; to non-surgical treatments like vacuum devices and retention rings, hormonal therapy, and oral or large medications.
You may be having the same dilemma with these 20 million “under-performing” men, but, there’s no need to be ashamed. The curtain of manhood never closes with erectile dysfunction. Manhood is so more than being the boss in the boudoir.