Coma is a disorder that occurs in the human beings. This may occur with some injuries or accidentally. This is a state where the man has no state of consciousness. It attacks to the brain mainly. This can be cured if the person starts to response to the treatment.

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There are some disease that does not get attacked suddenly but they are occurred with the attack of the other disease or with some injuries or accidentally. One among these is coma. It is a state where the man is in the state of unconsciousness. This can be cured if it is known where the actually this has been attacked in the brain.
Coma is a rare disease that is seen in the people. It is a prolonged which causes due to the disease or the injury. It is also the state of prolonged and a deep or profound state of unconsciousness. The person who is suffering with it is alive but will not be able to react respond to the things around to him. This can be treated if there is an acute response in the person to improve and come out of it.
Coma is a state of brain function. The human brain performs at different levels of consciousness. Each level does not have its own distinct levels it may once go above and once below. If the level is above then the mind is sharp, quick to respond, alert. But in the state of coma it indicates the last state of death. It is also the state of sleep like from which an individual cannot respond to the others. We can also say that it is the state where there is no proper clarity, bounded with the state of inaccuracy and danger.
The person in coma is unresponsive. There is no way of determining that how the individual can hear or may be aware of himself and his environment. This coma may last to any number of days. During this the patients eyes may be open and may blink even though the person’s stare is vacant. But his anatomic functions like breathing, maintain of the normal blood pressure, digesting, and eliminating food will be done with the absence of his awareness.
This is mainly caused due to shock, poisoning, head trauma, brain infection, brain inflammation and many. The patient can be cured if he gets progressed with in the twenty-four hours of the attack or else he will be caused to death. So it is called as the lowest level of functioning of the brain before death. They also need homely atmosphere to get cured. They should be more care taken so that they get well soon.
This can be cured if the symptoms are properly treated at the brain where the injury actually exists. There should be proper study of the injury where it exists, what is the degree and to what extent the injury prevails. So this coma is listed as a rare disease and affects less people.
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